We're getting married!


The Big Day


Birch Hill Catering in Castleton-on-Hudson


Saturday September 9, 2017 at 4pm.
September 9
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A few snapshots of our time together...

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Q & A

We will keep adding to this list as we get more Q's to be A'd

  • How are you two so really really really ridiculously good looking? What will your children look like?
    really ridiculous
  • When is the RSVP deadline?
    It would be sweet if you could RSVP by August 10th, 2017, so we can get an accurate headcount for the venue :)
  • The RSVP doesn't have meal options. What will we be eating?
    The reception will be buffet style with several manned food stations to choose from including vegetarian, pasta, meat, dessert, and others.
  • Are kids welcome?
    As our wedding is a mostly evening event, and we want our guests to be able to kick back and enjoy, let us know if you need help finding local babysitting services.
  • Can I bring a date?
    Check your invitation RSVP... the second step of the RSVP process lets you know how many in your party!
  • What should I wear? shoes, dress, etc.
    Shoes: Weather permitting, the ceremony and parts of the reception will be outdoors, so shoes that can traverse gravel and grass would make your life easier. Also, there may be some outdoor activities during the reception where a change of footwear may be handy.
    Dress: Wear whatever makes you feel classy without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Will you be serving alcohol at the reception?
    Our reception will start with an open bar for the cocktail hour and be followed by beer and wine.
  • Can I take pictures during the ceremony?
    We will have a professional photographer and videographer capturing the ceremony and we'll share the results! So if you do feel it necessary to take pictures, pretend you're a Russian spy and do it really inconspicuously.
  • What hashtag should I use for sharing photos of the event?
    Tag your pictures on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with the hashtag #SashaPlusDan.
  • The venue is in a pretty rural area. How is the cell phone reception?
    It's unfortunately not that great. But it exists well enough that if you stand in the corner on one foot holding your phone at a 45° angle, you'll be able to see the meal that your old high school friend just posted on Facebook.
  • Do you have a wedding registry?
    Of course, your presence at the wedding is enough for us, but if you’d like to spoil us, donations to the honeymoon fund are always appreciated, and we also picked out a few items in an Amazon registry. amazon
  • Will there be any Russian traditions inncorporated into the wedding?
    Yes, we may post them here too.
  • I have a question that's not answered here. What do I do?
    Ask Dan or Sasha! If you reply to the invite email, it goes to both of us!